My New Blog: Framed by the Light

Hi! I have decided to start up a new blog with my photography musings now that I have finished my studies in photography with the Open College of the Arts. This new blog will cover a variety of topics and will reflect on my experiences of what attracts me to the medium of photography, especially … Continue reading My New Blog: Framed by the Light


Notes on ‘No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City’

I have read what I feel is a very good essay on (public) art and regeneration that goes into a lot of depth about how the two relate. The essay by Jospehine Berry Slater and Anthony Iles (2009) is titled: 'No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City' and can be found at: I have made notes to record my thoughts on areas where the essay interrogates ‘artwashing’, although that specific term is not used.

Self-assessment for Assignment 4 – Contextual Studies

In this self-assessment of Assignment 4 - Contextual Studies I will evaluate how my first draft of the extended written project holds up against the criteria for Contextual Studies. The criteria are demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding, demonstration of research skills, demonstration of critical and evaluation skills and finally communication.