Navigating My Blog for Contextual Studies and Looking at Ways I’ve Achieved Learning Outcomes

My blog for Contextual Studies is a place where I’ve compiled and reflected on relevant research informing my theory, which in turn informs my practice. In this post I describe ways to effectively navigate this blog as well as attaching a document outlining ways I believe I’ve achieved the Learning Outcomes.

Navigating my blog:

The research folder is where I have compiled all my research digitally. It has been organised into 5 parts for each part of my Contextual Studies journey. These 5 parts can be found by hovering over ‘Research Folder’ and clicking on the relevant part of the research folder. Then the first post listed when clicked on will show an overview of the research I’ve conducted for that part. Alternatively, each overview can be found below at the following links:

Research Folder Part 1

Research Folder Part 2

Research Folder Part 3

Research Folder Part 4

Research Folder Part 5

As well as these overviews, clicking the relevant part of the research folder on the menu shows the research laid out from the latest to the earliest entries by scrolling down.

The ‘Assignments’ tab on the menu is quite self-explanatory but there is also a sub-heading for Work Leading up to Assignments and my tutor reports and some amendments to assignments are there as well.

‘Researching Artists’ should appear on my Body of Work blog (and I have linked this tab to my Body of Work as a signpost under ‘Learning Log’ on that blog. Nevertheless, some posts feature here are an example of how my Contextual Studies is informing my Body of Work and vice versa.

‘Books, articles and documentaries’ is where I have conducted research and made notes on this research.

‘Study Hangouts’ is self-explanatory. However, please note I have created a sub-tab listing the other study hangouts I’ve attended which informed both my Contextual Studies and Body of Work. Some of these posts link to my Body of Work blog but it is always possible to get back to Contextual Studies by clicking on the link ‘Contextual Studies’ on the right of that blog.

Lastly with regards to navigating the blog, there is a search bar for specific words and I have tagged each post with relevant tags which are displayed along the right of the blog. There are also often links to other, relevant posts within each post.

Achieving Learning Outcomes:

I have attached below a document outlining the most salient posts I’ve produced for Contextual Studies, which I feel reflect the Learning Outcomes.


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