My Assessment Grade for Contextual Studies and Moving Forwards

Last month I received my grades for assessment for both Contextual Studies and Body of Work. I am really pleased with both grades and the feed forward accompanying them.

For Contextual Studies I was bit nervous about receiving the grade. This was because I was unsure how well I had done with Assignment 5 (the final draft of the essay) and its revision. This was in comparison to Assignment 4 (the first draft of the essay) which had been a struggle for me to complete and had been reflected in the feedback for it.

My tutor did give me much better feedback for Assignment 5. This gave me some confidence in opening the grade but I was still more nervous about this grade than Body of Work!

I felt some relief in seeing the grade and I was satisfied after reading the feed forward that the grade was fair and made sense. It was good to see the assessors appreciated the many angles my essay covered. Looking at both the grading and the feed forward it is possible to see the area my work was weakest in was structure/communication. I feel this is appropriate scoring and comments. This is because when I read my essay again there are areas where it could be clearer/better structured to get my point across better.

The assessors also felt my research was “thorough and diverse” which is something I have tried so far to bring into my last module Sustaining Your Practice.

If you would like to follow my current blog Sustaining Your Practice, the link is as follows:

Attached below are my grade and feed forward comments for Contextual Studies:

Grade for Contextual Studies
Feed forward comments for Contextual Studies

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