Self-assessment for Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies

In this self-assessment of Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies I will evaluate how my plan for the extended written project and the sample text provided holds up against the criteria for Contextual Studies. The criteria are demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding, demonstration of research skills, demonstration of critical and evaluation skills and finally communication.

Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding:

I have conducted further research into my subject of regeneration as can be observed with my sample text: the first chapter for the body of the extended written project. I have also researched repeat photography, as well as the spatial and temporal within art contexts. These topics primarily help inform my Body of Work practice but might also come in useful for the extended written project. I have looked at quite a few other photographers who use art either in response to regeneration or with regeneration as a subject. Some of this will come in useful for my extended written project as I have proposed in my plan that regeneration and its image are linked to art. However, more research can be conducted into other artists; particularly those who practise in other disciplines than photography.

Demonstration of research skills:

I have conducted most of my research via the internet but have stuck to sources that seem reputable. I have also read a new book on regeneration: The Town of Tomorrow – 50 Years of Thamesmead (2019) by Here Press; as well as rereading Anna Minton’s Ground Control (2012). All the while I’ve referenced the research appropriately and I am keeping a bibliography. I still believe there is scope for research from other kinds of sources though, for example I’ve watched The Street (2019) by Zed Nelson and believe some of it is relevant to my upcoming extended written project. I used a mind map to better conceptualise my ideas which was effective in allowing me to see connections that might not be apparent in listed writing.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills:

I’ve engaged with a wide range of concepts related to urban regeneration and its image; with the image specific to photography. I believe I could extend this exploration to other art disciplines addressing regeneration. I would say I’ve reflected well on the research sources I’ve found, although it could perhaps be more critical. In my opinion my sample text for the extended written project submitted with my plan synthesises information on regeneration and its issues well.


In my posts for my research folder I have aimed to be clear and articulate. I feel this evident throughout and I’ve been consistent with my language and style.


Chadwick, P and Weaver, B. (2019) The Town of Tomorrow – 50 Years of Thamesmead. London: Here Press.

Minton, A. Ground Control. (2nd ed.) London: Penguin Books Ltd.

The Street (2019) Directed by Nelson, Z. [Amazon Prime Video] At: (Accessed 24/04/2020).


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