Tutor Report for Assignment 5 – Contextual Studies and Refinements Made

I have attached below my tutor report for Assignment 5 - Contextual Studies. Overall this draft of the essay was much better received but there were some amendments suggested by my tutor to further improve the essay. I have since refined the essay based on my tutor's comments and I have recorded these edits below also.


Notes on ‘No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City’

I have read what I feel is a very good essay on (public) art and regeneration that goes into a lot of depth about how the two relate. The essay by Jospehine Berry Slater and Anthony Iles (2009) is titled: 'No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City' and can be found at: https://www.metamute.org/editorial/articles/no-room-to-move-radical-art-and-regenerate-city. I have made notes to record my thoughts on areas where the essay interrogates ‘artwashing’, although that specific term is not used.