Gill Golding

Gill Golding’s entire oeuvre is quite similar to my current body of work as well as Assignment 3 for my Documentary module. Similarities between my work and her’s include addressing themes of regeneration and the use of urban spaces. Also the manner Golding chooses to address them favours wider landscapes. As well as this she has chosen to photograph Deptford for one of her projects. I will look closely at Golding's Deptford: A Town in Transition (s.d.) project as well as one other to see how they relate to my current body of work and any differences there might be.

Fatimah Tuggar

Tuggar’s work in general disregards the believability element of photography (even though it is largely comprised of photographic elements). Instead Tuggar concentrates on constructing believable and telling relationships in the subject matter from which her montages are assembled.

Thoughts on Upcoming Literature Review

I have put off writing the literature review for Contextual Studies for some time as I wasn't totally convinced where my assignments for Body of Work were taking me. I feel it is important to have some sort of idea of the general direction the practical work is taking so the theory I conduct can inform the practice later on