Assignment 2 – Literature Review

Attached is my literature review for Contextual Studies. The literature review will inform my extended written project. The extended written project will in turn have continuity with my long-term project for Body of Work:

Johnathan Hall – Literature Review – Assignment 2 – Contextual Studies

Self-assessment of Assignment 2:

Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding:

When conducting the literature review, I gained a better, more substantiated idea of regeneration; not only in Deptford but in a wider sense. I then used my knowledge of photography to suggest the medium could demonstrate change occurring both on larger scales and more insubstantial scales. I did this by drawing on the work of Chris Dorley-Brown, an artist who has inspired me.

Demonstration of research skills:

I used the internet a lot to search for and retrieve information. I found sources on regeneration that contained qualitative data about the effects of regeneration as well as articles about Dorley-Brown’s practice. I stored this information as I went along, creating a working bibliography so I could reference the sources in my literature review or later in my extended written project.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills:

I feel I analysed the literature well and compared different texts which meant I gained further understanding and engagement with the issues and effects of regeneration. I referenced two projects by Dorley-Brown to think critically about my own developing project for Body of Work.


I tried to lay out the literature review in a cohesive manner comprising an introduction, texts or sources, followed by a conclusion. I feel I communicated in written form clearly and eloquently.


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