Tutor Report for Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies

I have attached below my tutor report for Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies, which included both the plan for the extended written project and the 500-1,000 word sample text.

Tutor Report for Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies

I have also reflected on the telephone call my tutor and I had regarding the plan and sample text and I have shown how I have responded since.

Once again, after submitting an assignment, I felt I had a useful telephone call with my tutor. I found talking through some of the ideas I had for the extended written project, which I had communicated in my plan, was most helpful. It either made the ideas more lucid or provoked thought by myself regarding which parts of the plan might need more input.

Specifically, we discussed my concept of the ‘surface’ of regeneration. Although it was clear in my head what surface meant in this context, it was hard for me to communicate this using that particular word. Therefore I have subsequently decided on a different, more appropriate word for what I had in mind in the plan. Namely, the ‘façade’ of regeneration seems more suitable for describing the front of regeneration now I think about it.

Regarding the extended written project itself, my tutor flagged something he could observe in the sample text that I could rectify in the essay. This was to make sure my essay portrayed both sides of view on issues of regeneration. I feel this is vital too. Since receiving the tutor report for Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies I have tried to make sure I represent and critically engage with both sides of view on the topics brought up in each chapter.

One of these topics is ‘artwashing’ and how this relates back to regeneration. My tutor said in the report that it one of the most compelling parts of the essay I had planned at the time. I feel I have incorporated both sides of the argument for artwashing in my essay, which in turn has contributed to my argument.

I have listened to my tutor’s advice regarding how to write the essay by drafting each chapter, reviewing and then editing the chapter until I am relatively happy with what I’ve written. Once I had written the 4 chapters I wrote the conclusion closely followed by the introduction. These were easier because in effect I was summarising what I’d already discovered about my argument in the chapters.


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