Assignment 2 – Literature Review – Updated

I have updated my literature review after receiving my tutor report for Assignment 2. I have refined the literature review and attached the updated version below:

One issue my tutor had with my literature review was I was conflating the term ‘everyday’ into the spatial term ‘local’. He suggested I clarify my terminology to be sure I was using the temporal and the spatial correctly. I have since changed ‘the everyday’ to ‘on a local scale’ in my literature review.

I have stopped using colloquial language and replaced ‘in spades’ to ‘to a high degree’ to make the literature review more professional.

I have made phrases that were unclear or ambiguous more explicit, and made some of my points I was trying to make more lucid.

I inserted a footnote explaining what ‘right-to-buy’ is.

I looked at Chris Dorley-Brown’s work The Corners (2009-17) again and now see that there is more a sense of social ambience present in his images rather than narrative. I have therefore amended the literature review with this in mind.

Lastly, I looked more closely at Chris Dorley-Brown’s Continuum (2014) digital book as my tutor felt this was more pertinent moving forwards. My research on this can be found here.


Dorley-Brown, C. (2009-17) The Corners. At: (Accessed 14/04/2020).

Dorley-Brown, C. (2014) Continuum. New York: FusionLab, Inc. At: (Accessed 14/04/2020).


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