Self-assessment for Assignment 4 – Contextual Studies

In this self-assessment of Assignment 4 – Contextual Studies I will evaluate how my first draft of the extended written project holds up against the criteria for Contextual Studies. The criteria are demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding, demonstration of research skills, demonstration of critical and evaluation skills and finally communication.

Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding:

I have extended my subject based knowledge to beyond the photographic discipline in my first draft for the extended written project. This includes research into graffiti, street art, street installations with the work of David Aylward and painting with the work of Frank Laws. I feel this is important as I believe it provides discourse for my essay as well as expanding my understanding of art in disciplines other than photography. I have also touched on photography with the work of Gill Golding, specifically Welcome to the Fake (s.d.). This in turn has informed me about the world of computer generated imagery used in urban regeneration which I have covered in my essay.

Demonstration of research skills:

I have used IT extensively to research different angles on urban regeneration and its image. I would say most of my research has been conducted via internet resources but I have also read part of books like the introduction for Utopias (2009), edited by Richard Noble. I have organised the variety of research into a bibliography as well as a research folder and have included a reference list and list of illustrations with my essay. Lastly, I have tried to use reputable sources, from either established artists, critics or researchers.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills:

I have endeavoured to critically engage with sources, forming points of discourse which ultimately answer my question for the essay. I have also analysed other artists’ work and looked at them in the wider context of regeneration. Notably, I examined the debate of ‘artwashing’ and described various points of view, drawing conclusions from both sides of the argument. I also reflected on my own work in relation to other artists and observed how it might fit into the context of regeneration.


I have tried to carry over my writing style into the essay which I believe has allowed me to communicate clearly my points regarding regeneration’s image. I have also got family and friends to proof-read the essay and then edited it further which I would say has improved the presentation of the essay.


Golding, G. (s.d.) Welcome to the Fake. At: (Accessed 31/07/2020).

Noble, R. (2009) ‘Introduction/The UtopianImpulse in Contemporary Art’ In: Noble, R. (eds.) Utopias. London: Whitechapel Gallery and The MIT Press. pp.12-19.


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