Zander Olsen

© John Pfahl (1977) 'Australian Pines, Fort DeSoto, Florida'

Zander Olsen’s ongoing project Tree, Line (2004-) is conceptually-driven with a style bearing traits of Georges Rousse, Noémie Goudal with Studies on Perspective I (2014) and notably John Pfahl with Australian Pines, Fort DeSoto, Florida (1977).

Noémie Goudal

© Noémie Goudal (2016) - Mechanical I-III

Something might have come to me when looking at Noémie Goudal’s fantastic work. I have been interested for some time in something I term in my head 'tessellating reality’. Here, a single picture of a scene is taken but then split up into smaller parts. These parts can overlap or tessellate to form the larger … Continue reading Noémie Goudal