Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies – Plan for Extended Written Project

I plan to write the introduction somewhere near the end of my allotted time for writing the extended written project. This is because I will likely by that time have a better idea of the details of the body and conclusion for the essay and can use the introduction appropriate to these sections. In the past I have sometimes started by writing the introduction near the beginning of the process, which I have found makes the whole process more convoluted as I’m effectively coming up with bulk of the essay then and there. When I do finally write my introduction I don’t think it will take too much time because it will only be introducing points and arguments I’ve already made in the body and conclusion. Allotted time for the introduction: 48 hours.

I have already begun free writing for the body of the extended written project. Free writing (and mind maps) are useful ways in getting down ideas in manners that are different to just creating a list – a method which I have succumbed to in the past. Free writing allows me to write spontaneously and edit this down later. Meanwhile mind maps allow me to see connections which might not be immediately apparent. Through these methods I’ve planned roughly 3 chapters for the body and writing these will take up most of my time.

The first chapter I conceive to be about regeneration and its issues. I have already written about regeneration and its issues in my literature review, most pertinently when I reviewed Ground Control (2012) by Anna Minton. However, I aim to link to regeneration’s image at the end of this chapter, which I perceive to be a ‘glossy facade’ for regeneration and its issues. Allotted time for 1st chapter of body: 2 weeks.

The 2nd chapter will lead on from the 1st but focus on the link between image or ‘branding’ and regeneration which I think mostly functions on its surface. I have become interested in hoardings and advertisements for new developments (see Gill Golding post), which always promise lots through their slick images of projected, idyllic worlds. This branding is aimed at drawing people in to these promises, especially those with higher incomes. However, behind this surface, there are real communities who will be affected by the developments (as seen in Deptford is Changing). Since imagery is a big part of regeneration’s facade, I will propose that penetrating this facade is difficult with art as art itself is often an image-based form. This is a fairly new concept for me so I will have to conduct lots of research as well as write the chapter. Allotted time for 2nd chapter of body: 3 weeks.

I will look at and compare various practitioners who tackle regeneration with their art. This will be critical and show that in order for art to penetrate regeneration’s facade it must subvert its imagery. I’m not sure yet but I might also touch on how art being used within communities affected by regeneration is important. I will address ‘artwashing’ as a concept opposing art in such communities. Researching and comparing these artists’ work critically will require some time, although I have already looked at some photographers’ work, including Chris Dorley-Brown’s Continuum (2014). I think it would be a good idea to look at other mediums other than just photography in this chapter. Allotted time for 3rd chapter of body: 4 weeks.

The conclusion will summarise points and my responses I’ve already brought up without rewriting or adding new concepts to the essay. Therefore this part should require much less time to write. Allotted time for the conclusion: 48 hours.

Lastly my bibliography will feature at the end of my essay and I have recorded my references so far. I will also write the specific list of references as I go along to save time and effort later.


Dorley-Brown, C. (2014) Continuum. New York: FusionLab, Inc. At: (Accessed 14/04/2020).

Golding, G. (s.d.) Welcome to the Fake. At: (Accessed 16/01/2020).

Minton, A. Ground Control. (2nd ed.) London: Penguin Books Ltd.


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