Tutor Report for Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies

I have attached below my tutor report for Assignment 3 - Contextual Studies, which included both the plan for the extended written project and the 500-1,000 word sample text. I have also reflected on the telephone call my tutor and I had regarding the plan and sample text and I have shown how I have responded since.


Self-assessment for Assignment 3 – Contextual Studies

In this self-assessment of Assignment 3 - Contextual Studies I will evaluate how my plan for the extended written project and the sample text provided holds up against the criteria for Contextual Studies. The criteria are demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding, demonstration of research skills, demonstration of critical and evaluation skills and finally communication.

Continuum (2014) by Chris Dorley-Brown

I have been encouraged to look more closely at Chris Dorley-Brown’s Continuum (2014) series than his The Corners (2009-17) work. That is because both my tutor and I believe this series is more pertinent for my upcoming extended essay and my project in general. Continuum (2014) shows change more explicitly than The Corners (2009-17) and utilises repeat photography like my body of work. I was a bit frustrated that Continuum (2014), which I consider to be an enlightening series of diptychs, has been covered so little by writers on photography. However, while looking for sources, I found that an essay by Stewart Home had been written inside Dorley-Brown’s Continuum (2014) book, available on Apple Books. Luckily, I have access to an Apple device so I downloaded it and here are my thoughts on the interactive book and its introductory essay.