Zander Olsen

© John Pfahl (1977) 'Australian Pines, Fort DeSoto, Florida'

Zander Olsen’s ongoing project Tree, Line (2004-) is conceptually-driven with a style bearing traits of Georges Rousse, Noémie Goudal with Studies on Perspective I (2014) and notably John Pfahl with Australian Pines, Fort DeSoto, Florida (1977).

Noémie Goudal

© Noémie Goudal (2016) - Mechanical I-III

Something might have come to me when looking at Noémie Goudal’s fantastic work. I have been interested for some time in something I term in my head 'tessellating reality’. Here, a single picture of a scene is taken but then split up into smaller parts. These parts can overlap or tessellate to form the larger … Continue reading Noémie Goudal


Sylwia Kowalczyk – Lethe (2016)

© Sylwia Kowalczyk (2016) - Lethe

I find Sylwia Kowalczyk's work very inspiring and comparable (if quite dissimilar in appearance) to Georges Rousse’s work. Here, the art work overlaps in both cases to form a single piece except in Kowalczyk’s Lethe (2016) it is not practically seamless as the case is with Rousse’s. Rather Lethe is disjointed, using art from various sources and combining them in paper layers.