Research Folder Part 5

This is an archive of online material, physical books and artists that I’ve researched while conducting Contextual Studies Part 5, compiled in one place.

Online reading:

Berry Slater, J. and Iles, A. (2009) No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City. At: (Accessed 06/01/2021).

Here are my notes on the above essay (where I look at how art is implicated with regeneration: Notes on ‘No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City’

Bolton, M. (2013) ‘Is art to blame for gentrification?’ In: The Guardian 30/08/2013. At: (Accessed 16/12/2020).

Cameron, S. and Coaffee, J. (2005) ‘Art, Gentrification and Regeneration — From Artist as Pioneer to Public Arts’ In: European Journal of Housing Policy 5 (1) pp.39-58. At:–_From_Artist_as_Pioneer_to_Public_Arts (Accessed 14/12/2020).

Corporate Watch (2019) ‘Who’s gentrifying Deptford? 15 developments and the investors behind them’ In: Corporate Watch 27/02/2019. At: (Accessed 14/12/2020). 

Francis, A. (2017) ‘Artwashing’ gentrification is a problem – but vilifying the artists involved is not the answer’ In: The Conversation 05/10/2017. At: (Accessed 06/01/2021).

Here is my reflection of Anna Francis’ above article (where I reflect on her position regarding ‘artwashing’ and offer some of my thoughts on that topic: ‘Artwashing’ gentrification is a problem – but vilifying the artists involved is not the answer – Anna Francis Notes

Lees, L. and Melhuish, C. (2013) ‘Arts-led regeneration in the UK: The rhetoric and the evidence on urban social inclusion’ In: European Urban and Regional Studies 22 (3) pp.242-260. At: (Accessed 16/12/2020).

Ley, D. (2003) ‘Artists, Aestheticisation and the Field of Gentrification’ In: Urban Studies 40 (12) pp.2527–2544. At: (Accessed 16/12/2020). 

Minton, A. (2018) ‘The Price of Regeneration’ In: Places Journal 09/2018. At: (Accessed 05/01/2021).

reclaimec1 (2020) Culture Mile Vanity Project Drives City Residents Around the Bend At: 16/12/2020).

Segbars, J. (2019) ‘Artistic Production in the Context of Neoliberalism Autonomy and Heteronomy Revisited by Means of Infrastructural Critique’ In: Parse Journal 1 (9) At: (Accessed 05/01/2021).

Southwark Notes (2019) The Fine Art of Regeneration in Southwark. At: (Accessed 02/12/2020).

The Street (2019) Directed by Nelson, Z. [Amazon Prime Video] At: (Accessed 05/01/2021).

Toronyi-Lalic, I. (2012) What’s That Thing? London: The New Culture Forum. At: (Accessed 24/11/2020).


Ford, S. And Davies, A. (1998) ‘Art Capital’ In: Degen, N. (eds.) The Market. London: Whitechapel Gallery and The MIT Press. pp.108-112.

Miles, M. (2015) Limits to Culture. London: Pluto Press.


Anna Francis

Campbell Works (2017) Estate Agency. At: (Accessed 05/01/2021).

Matarasso, F. (s.d.) The Portland Inn Project. At: (Accessed 02/01/2021).

Felicity Hammond

Hammond, F. (2016) The Language of Living. At: (Accessed 05/01/2021).

Jakeway, A. (2014) ‘We droopy the studio of rising art star Felicity Hammond, who explains her time-consuming construction landscapes…’ In: We Heart 12/11/2014. At: (Accessed 12/12/2020).

Jansen, C. (2016) ‘Inside Felicity Hammond’s Photo-Sculptural Showroom’ In: AnOther 17/05/2016. At: (Accessed 14/12/2020).


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