Research Folder Part 4

This is an archive of online material, physical books and artists that I’ve researched while conducting Contextual Studies Part 4, compiled in one place.

Online Reading:

Age of the Image: Series 1, episode 1 (2020) [Television programme] BBC iPlayer 02/03/2020. At: (Accessed 04/06/2020).

Here is my reflection on that television programme: Age of the Image : Series 1, Episode 1

Age of the Image: Series 1, episode 2 (2020) [Television programme] BBC iPlayer 09/03/2020. At: (Accessed 09/07/2020).

Here is my reflection on that television programme: Age of the Image: Series 1, Episode 2

Alexander, G. (2015) Is graffiti art? Or is it vandalism? At: (Accessed 23/07/2020).

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The Street (2019) Directed by Nelson, Z. [Amazon Prime Video] At: (Accessed 11/06/2020).

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Here is my reflection (with regards to billboards/hoardings and gentrification) on that essay: My Thoughts on ‘The property billboards that reveal the truth about Britain’s luxury housing market’ by Oliver Wainwright (2017)

Watch: Interview with HOUSE Festival selected artist Felicity Hammond (2016) [Video Interview] At: (Accessed 29/07/2020).

Watt, P. (2013) ‘‘It’s not for us’: Regeneration, the 2012 Olympics and the gentrification of East London’ In: City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action 17 (1) pp. 99-118. At: (Accessed 28/05/2020).

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Yeung, P. (s.d.) REGENERATION OR GENTRIFICATION? At: (Accessed 29/07/2020).


Minton, A. (2012) Ground Control. (2nd ed.) London: Penguin Books Ltd.

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Tallon, A. (2010) Urban Regeneration in the UK. (1st ed.) Oxon: Routledge.


David Aylward

Here is my reflection on the work of David Aylward: David Aylward – Interventions in Deptford

Alfred Hitchcock

Here is my reflection on the work of Alfred Hitchcock: Age of the Image: Series 1, Episode 2

Rear Window (1954) Directed by Hitchcock, A. [Film] California: Paramount Pictures.

Frank Hurley

Here is my reflection on the work of Frank Hurley: Age of the Image : Series 1, Episode 1

Hurley, F. (1917) The Raid. [Composite] At: (Accessed 10/06/2020).

Buster Keaton

Here is my reflection on the work of Buster Keaton: Age of the Image : Series 1, Episode 1

Sherlock Jr (1924) Directed by Keaton, B. [Amazon Prime Video] At: (Accessed 10/06/2020).

Jacques Henri Lartigue

Here is my reflection on the work of Jacques Henri Lartigue: Age of the Image : Series 1, Episode 1

Lartigue, J.H. (1924) Yvonne, Koko and Bibi. [Photograph] At: (Accessed 10/06/2020).

Frank Laws

Here is my reflection on the work of Frank Laws: Frank Laws

Laws, F. (2014) Pembury 2014. At: (Accessed 13/07/2020).

Laws, F. (2014) Pembury Youth Centre Workshops. 2014. Collaborative prints. [Chalk on Giclee Print] At: (Accessed 13/07/2020).

Gordon Parks

Here is my reflection on the work of Gordon Parks: Age of the Image: Series 1, Episode 2

Parks, G. (1956) Ondria Tanner and Her Grandmother Window-Shopping, Mobile, Alabama. [Photograph] At: (Accessed 09/07/2020).


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